PERI, the market’s smallest Integral Driver Perimeter Fixture, stands as a beacon of innovation and performance, embodying a dedication to advancing the LED lighting community. Measuring a mere 2.5″ x 2.0″, PERI excels in shallow plenum spaces and seamlessly integrates with diverse ceiling types. With an impressive output exceeding 1000 lm/ft and a CRI of 90+, it ensures the effective delivery of high-quality lighting, enhancing architectural brilliance in desired task areas.

Beyond its compact dimensions, PERI’s snap-in light module signifies more than streamlined installation; it’s a testament to a commitment to the highest standards of sustainable, eco-conscious design. It boldly declares PERI’s dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of future spaces, allowing for effortless refitting of components, including the internal light module.

At the heart of PERI’s brilliance is its association with a Red List Approved Declare label—a symbol of transparency, environmental responsibility, and innovation. This label denotes that PERI’s components are not merely adaptable but also conscientiously designed, prioritizing recyclability to significantly reduce environmental impact.

Dive into a world of lighting customization with PERI’s versatile optics and shielding options, including glare control louvers and prismatic lenses. This adaptability empowers designers to craft tailored lighting solutions that precisely meet specific needs, ushering in a new era of personalized illumination.

Simplify the installation process with PERI’s modular assembly. The housing can be seamlessly mounted on a pre-mounted wall bracket during construction, and the light engine effortlessly snaps in after rough-in. This feature minimizes the risk of damaging the light source and provides unprecedented convenience for contractors. Moreover, the availability of mounting and housing components as stock items allows rough-in to commence while field dimensions are still being verified. PERI’s diffused or prismatic lens, extendable over long lengths, results in a nearly seamless lens and uninterrupted illumination. This ensures consistent lighting performance with minimal light loss, making it the ideal choice for continuous run applications.

Engineered with user needs in mind, PERI features adaptable power feed locations and the option for constant current or constant voltage LEDs, ensuring unwavering lighting performance even over extended lengths. More than just a fixture, PERI is a powerful, compact, and customizable lighting solution that transcends expectations.

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