The Perelman PAC is adorned with a translucent, veined marble façade sandwiched between glass. A lightly etched outer surface diffuses the transfer of surrounding exterior light sources. Custom-designed chandeliers aim at the assembly from behind, transforming the stark white cube into a warmly glowing lantern after dark.

Many concepts were studied and abandoned before choosing what was a more technically and optically challenging scheme. It was embraced for its ingenuity, turning standard LED products into elegant workhorse assemblies that evoke the technical nature of an industrial theater while simultaneously providing the glamour of one’s theater expectations.

The selected concept for internally illuminating the facades proved to be the most energy efficient option studied. There was an added benefit of gathering all fixtures into consolidated clusters and fully exposing them to capture and harness the direct spill as additional fill light at the back of the stone surface. With a 10% reduction of the ASHRAE energy allowance, the project targets a LEED Silver certification.

Each is comprised of a series of LED bars in a polished frame, arranged in a V-shape. Every individual LED strip has a specifically calibrated angle, optic and output of light emission to evenly illuminate the stone and reach to the floor. The design was a study of precision- any discrepancy in aiming or brightness resulted in a blotch or shadow band at the exterior.

To combat the proximity of the intermittent floor slabs, lighting is mounted within these cavities and balanced to hide their appearance.

The colour temperature of the light was chosen to complement the amber tint of the marble. The soft gradient hints to the innerworkings of the theaters within, creating a mesmerizing effect on the facade.

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