Phos’ new in-ground adjustable up-light is produced in two sizes; Nano and Midi. The design of our luminaire and its special tool, allows the adjustment of both the tilt angle (up to 30 degrees on every axis), as well as the ability to change the beam width with a choice of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 degree options. Both of these elements can be easily carried out either pre or post-installation ensuring unrivalled practicality to the designer facilitating simple detail tweaking at any point of the project and, removing issues around possible installation variances.

Tested to IP68 as standard, once the luminaire is in place, the top glass can be removed allowing access to all these adjustments then carefully re-sealed. Along with our other ranges, we can offer this new up-light in single colour temperatures or the Genesis ultra-high 98 CRI option as well as tunable white and dim to warm. Offering up to 300 – 900 lumens in the midi range, or a more discrete subtle “pathfinder” 100-300 lumens in the Nano range, once again, we have ensured that there are a variety of lumen output options in both models to suit the required job.

From a construction point of view, Phos offer the fittings in either 316L marine-grade stainless steel or in aluminium. Additionally, we offer custom finishing in any RAL colour or as anodised or plated to match an interior design colour-concept. All our luminaires can be repaired, upgraded or recycled in accordance Phos company policy on the Circular Economy and Sustainability.

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