“pahanhannan: White Feather Bank ” is a large-scale public artwork commissioned by the Hualien County Government to combine the wisdom of traditional life with modern technology on the Pacific side.

The main body of the work is based on the “Taluan”, an extension of the traditional family house, which is a functional place to take a short break from work, adjust, discuss, and share food. The creation is based on the idea of “public art that can be used in life”.

The upper tile and the interior seats are created by 3D printing using robots, and the shape is based on the historical meaning of the feather and white cloth on the headdress of the local young tribesmen, which is transformed and interpreted.

The feathered pieces are treated as small unitary components, and the white cloth headdress is engraved on the surface with organic wave lines formed when the tribesmen step on the dance floor, using a staggered approach to stack layers, symbolizing the close connection between age groups.

The lighting effect is based on the concept of integration with the installation. Through the lights hidden above the roof tile structure, the tiles are illuminated from above, and the translucent nature of the tiles is used to diffuse light into the space, and with the soft light strips integrated into the interior of the seats, the linear light is transformed into a block-shaped luminous body, creating a space that can not only be viewed but also actually be used.

White Feather Bank can be a place for local residents to adjust their breathing after collecting from the sea and wilderness, or a respite for travelers who come from afar to adjust their pace of life by the Pacific Ocean.

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