P2’s design can be determined based on the required output from its compact size all the way to high power expansion.

Flood & Spot Light makes a lot of things possible in architecture.

The base is detachable, tailor-made according to the characteristics of the floodlights installed in various places, easy installation at any site, possible left and right Tilt rotation from 10 degrees up to 90 degrees.

Five basic beam angles LENS can be selected, available combination with secondary optics, the spot-type yellow beam angle can be changed widely to only left and right, possible various light distribution for refraction, diffusion, and glare control.

The combination of fine designed aluminum extrusion structures and die-casting components made the product slimmer and lighter than typical floodlights with similar outputs. Intuitive and effective details were applied for excellent performance, installation, aging, and maintenance.

With a tiltable and rotatable small floodlights, the fixtures are more sophisticated with easier and more covenient operation than any other product when they need to apply delicate Aiming.

It is completed with a dark gray & black finish featuring materials with a balanced design, which is a special feature of the Archion brand.

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