For special applications like enlightening acrylic rods, or creating hard shadows and several others, there is a need for powerful LEDs.

The new LED P-Dot by Schnick-Schnack-Systems can be easily controlled for example with RGB-video signals.

Its 4 LEDs, red, green, blue and white, have been picked with meticulous discrimination to achieve lighting results of highest quality.

Lighting Designers have asked for a super tiny light source that emits a high quality and very bright light.

So the P-Dot fulfills thes requirements with its small dimensions and its CRI Ra of >90.

The P-Dot is not only available as RGBW-Version calibrated to 3000K or 65000K but also as a tunable white version with 2000K, 3000k and 2x6500K Leds.


• Advanced dimming and colour-management algorithms

• Dimming ratio > 1:10.000 resulting in dimming starting below 0,01%

• More than 16 Bit internal dimming resolution per channel

• Advanced RGB to RGBW colour space conversion based on the individually measured physical characteristics of each LED

• Typically <3sdcm colour drift a the white point

• CRI Ra typically about 90 at warm white

• Ultra-blue LED for intense and saturated colours

• Available with 6500K or 3000K white points as standard, other colour temperature are easily realized on request.

• No flicker in eyes or cameras because of advanced modulation >10kHz (at intensities >1%)

• Simple daisy chain wiring system allowing up to 12 fixtures per chain

• Build in heatsink, with two sliding channels for M3 nuts

Luminous flux: 180lm @6500K, 120lm @3000K, Red: 28lm, Green 200lm, Blue: 21lm.
Beam Angle: 120°.
weight: 90g.
diameter: 45mm.
height: 37mm.

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