This work is designed for Taiwan Lantern Festival 2021. This Interconnective Transformable Tensegrity Timber Structure is a self-actuative and data-driven artwork, which detects the informations from environmental temperature, sunlight, and humidity, in order to control shape-changing and lighting performance of structure, create a dialogue between residents and ecological information in public.

The main structure is design inspired by nature’s process of growth on fractal tree, shape repeats itself within a branch, into another branch, and guide the full growth processes of the tree. We develop a customized digital design and fabrication method for generate transformable structural shape meet to iteration and recursion features. This computational design system used to generate growth-like bionic forms and study stress distribution and aesthetics during transformation by adjusting parameters of initial branch length, generative value and rotation value. Through the combination of timber, metal connector and its embedded lighting features, it forms an Interconnective Transformable Tensegrity Timber Structures perform alternative kinetic aesthetics in a lightweight manner.


Additional Design

Artist/Director: Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang

NTHU BioLogicDesign Group: Deng-Feng Jiang, Xin-Zhi Wu, Hsin-Fu Chen, Zong-Xi Li, Wen-Yu Chen

Wooden Structure Engineering: Yumu Manufacture & Research

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