Designed by internationally renowned architect: Jean-Marie Wilmotte, GHM-ECLATEC has introduced OXYA to give lighting designers a decorative street lighting solution that echoes heritage and classic styling, but with the functionality that you would expect from a modern luminaire.

Its up-to-date lighting technology and control options, designed to reduce its negative impact on the environment while providing the opportunity to produce lighting designs that are sympathetic to its users, means this is a cleverly designed luminaire that integrates a wide choice of smart city-ready features.

To ensure low energy consumption and easy energy-saving management, OXYA offers the latest LED technology and full lighting management, including Bluetooth-controlled daylight and presence detection.


With the user’s comfort at the core of its design, OXYA has a Tunable white option. Providing a light that is respectful of citizens’ biological rhythm.

ECLATECs specialist engineers have studied and tested to fine-tune the ideal configuration to achieve optimum performance, ensuring OXYA provides light conditions, closest to natural light; promoting well-being.

Users’ comfort is greatly improved thanks to its intelligent variation of the colour temperature across the entire lighting scene throughout the lighting cycle.

OXYA is available as a post top or with suspended mounting options – the double arm version is particularly striking, making it easy to integrate into any location.

To further extend design options, it is available in a wide range of colour temperatures, including amber, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K, finished in any choice of RAL colours.

With a ULR of <1%, the OXYA luminaire meets the stringent requirements of the French decree on light pollution, assuring that you are designing in adherence to dark sky standards, preserving the integrity of the night sky.

As you would expect from any modern lighting tool, it is protected to IP66, IK09 for continued safe operation.

This thought-out product’s design continues afterlife with high recyclability of all materials and components.

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