Seen from afar, the unmistakeable shape of a butterfly is instantly recognizable – catching reflections from the surrounding vegetation and buildings.  The four iridescent wings shift colour and light even on a dull day, and at night – when lit – the patterns cast by the giant laser cut butterfly wings draw the viewer closer.

Sited at London’s Canary Wharf Summer Lights Exhibition until 31st October 2021, OUT OF THE COCOON is an artistic seating installation featuring the four wings of a butterfly that offers four individual seats, each offering protection and privacy whilst allowing connection and an opportunity to experience the artwork from ‘within’.  Each of the four wings creates a seating bench where the viewer can rest, shielded by the tall wings of glimmering light and colour, looking out at the colourful patterns projected by the wings or more intimately by looking through the wings at the shifting colours.  Out of the Cocoon is an installation that allows the theme of metamorphosis to be understood by children and adults alike.  It provides a dynamic focal point and a convenient resting post within any environment or collection of lighting installations.

The giant butterfly wings of Out of the Cocoon, symbolise new life and new hope emerging from dormancy.  Multi coloured and interactive, the installation can be admired from afar as a whole, and from close up as an experience.  As the viewer moves around the structure of the wings, the iridescent colours change and reflections move.   It is equally dynamic in the daytime as it is at night when it is lit with solar power to illuminate the LED lights.

Designed and created by Amberlights, the structure; the main body and butterfly antenna are fabricated from steel and aluminium, while the transparent wings are laser cut from 25mm acrylic sheet (Plexiglass) that has an incorporated iridescent film.  Each wing emanates from a central column topped with the butterfly antenna and forming 4 wooden bench seats made of Ash wood.  Each seat is separated from the next by the transparent wings.

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