Illuminating facades or landscapes and controlling the light with DALI protocol in outdoor needs a robust and reliable outdoor solution.

OSRAM OTi DALI 100/220-240/24 1-4CH P is a world unique outdoor DALI-2 certified driver enabling the largest possible freedom of power up lighting design in outdoor, thanks to its independent 4-channel outputs and certified emergency lighting operation.

It can withstand harsh conditions in ambient temperatures (-30 to +60°C), with very high protection from water and dust ingress (IP66 and IP67) along with UV and salt mist protection.
And you don’t even need to look for a place to install it near the light source. OTi DALI 100/220-240/24 1-4CH P can be installed up to 50 m far from it, so your luminaire and its surroundings will be as minimal as you wish it to be.

To simplify installation, enhance sustainability and reduce light pollution, embedded ASTRODIM function allows usage of the LED driver without any controllers and therefore without control cables. Just program the driver only once and let it run standalone with your designed dimming scenarios; the device will autonomously adapt itself to daylight duration across the seasons, without further maintenance!
The offered dimming range is as large as you need it to be in outdoor: from 0.1% to 100%, because every lumen count.

This means you can set the light at the perfect level in every moment or tune white temperatures with great fidelity on Tunable White LED loads, or even play with colours (RGB/W) with maximum precision.
To complete the value proposition of this unique product a 7 year system warranty is offered to provide the ultimate peace of mind for the project Designer.

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