ØSP is a collective and multi-brand restaurant featuring the combination of style, sensation and mysterious fascination. The name stands for ØMAKASE, SAVØUR+PØP.

Hidden in the residential alley of Jina’an district, Shanghai, this very first “new concept” set its tone and subvert the image of common restaurant that brings surprises for customers.

The restaurant is conceptualized by the interior designer A00 and Hiroshi Fujiwara, the well-known Japanese streetwear designer as a “fun” dining space that creates sensational experiences.

A lighting scenario of mysterious and eclectic ambiance is created amongst 3 different spaces: ØMAKASE dining, SAVØUR bar and PØP VIP kitchen, that are smoothly inter-connected with each other. At the arrival of the exterior entrance door, customers are immediately transported into a mysterious yet lively space with suspended light tubes and opaque doors. When stepping into the restaurant, a self-illuminating reception desk is designed to create a sculptural-like state of art to welcome the customers.

Next to the reception desk, custom-made track mounted fixtures and table lamp are used in SAVØUR bar area to make the ceiling simple and clean, allowing the customers to clearly see the bartending and the final presentation of cocktails. Also, the bar itself is made of textured glass with concealed linear uplight to shape an upbeat atmosphere in the SAVØUR bar.

The background wall in ØMAKASE dining area consists of glowing acrylic ribs to generate a self-luminous effect. Discreet linear spot lights from the ceiling concentrates lighting on each dining table as much as possible to naturally create a sense of privacy. In the smaller dining area, perforated backlit panels produce shadows on the walls and floor, where customers immerse themselves in the mystery of lights.

In order to accommodate different customer experiences, daytime and evening lighting scenes are applied to create the most welcoming dining settings for the customers in the ØMAKASE dining area. In the SAVOUR bar, the late-night lighting scene is dimmed even more to create an intriguing and sensational atmosphere while drinking. A 0-10V dimming system is used with 3000k colour temperature throughout, to create a variety of vibrant yet cozy lighting moods with-in the restaurant and bar space.

Connecting to the PØP VIP kitchen, the staircase area is a perfect and bright transition space to take customers to another scenario setting. A mirror is applied one side of the stairwell to create an artistic light reflection of a circle cast by a surface mount framing projector aimed up to the ceiling. This feature not only creates an artistic touch but also helps to visually enlarge the space.

Extending the element of suspended light tubes from the entrance door to PØP VIP kitchen, this feature with different density and arrangement are curated meticulously to create a strong sense of rhythm and hierarchy of space, serving customers with not only the culinary delicacy but also a fine visual feast.

The final result is an immersive experiential dining and bar experience that is seductive and engaging at the same time.

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