Outdoor spotlight series OS4
The OS4 outdoor spotlight series is based on InstaLighting’s innovative “Elements” lighting platform.

OS4 is available in three different sizes and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications.

The aluminium housings, powder-coated in the colour “DB703 micaceous iron ore”, can be equipped with Elements light pixels which allow a free combination of light colours and optics.

Each double pixel can be controlled separately, enabling dynamic lighting scenarios for different times of day, materials and occasions.
In this way, the lighting designer can put together his own light distribution curve and also control it dynamically. For example, an electronically controllable zoom can be realized without mechanical components.
The housing design was chosen so that the luminaire brackets always fit snugly against the luminaire housing, regardless of their orientation.

Technology: easy to read and understand
The technical interface of the luminaires for the cable inputs and outputs and for accommodating the pressure compensation valve was to be given a clearly legible form that looks and functions the same for all luminaires. We wanted a smooth interface that also had no visible cable glands.
This resulted in a beautiful detail that guides the cables as unobtrusively as possible.

Visual comfort and nature protection through Dark Light Reflectors
All reflectors developed on the “Elements” lighting platform are based on the principle of the Darc Light reflector as a micro reflector and thus offer the greatest possible visual comfort. In this way, they even meet the requirements of screen workstations. These do not often occur outdoors, but if light only goes where it is needed, and vagabond light is prevented, then this is the basis for light in the sense of nature conservation.

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing “
It was our vision to design a multipurpose luminaire that offers a universe of lighting possibilities in a simple and quiet form.

… and it continues a new family member is on the way
OS5 completes the series in terms of miniaurturized design.
It allows a maximum of detailed lighting design in the smallest possible space.

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