There is something about life that blossoms unexpectedly through the brokenness of the rocks, manifesting unlikely beauties that sparkle amidst the chaos. This persistence of nature facing the changes of the ecosystem gives us hope and shows us how persistent life is. It exhibits the true meaning of resilience through the ability to face uncertainty, seeing it as an opportunity for transformation and evolution to a new state, giving rise to new forms of life. Inspired by this symbolism emerges the Origem collection that contemplates the embracing of the improbable, appreciating beauty without denying chaos, originating life and light in the unexpected.

The Story behind Origem Collection
The Origem, the word says it all. This collection was inspired by Nature’s response to catastrophic situations, which reflect the darker side, the chaotic. It is surprising… in front of darkness and chaos, Nature always reacts with life. It never reacts in reciprocity, always with light, always with life. It’s about the manifestation of beauty in the midst of chaos, about illuminating what is already destroyed and revealing what can be extracted from its core. It’s about the ability to face uncertainty, seeing it as an opportunity for transformation and evolution to a new state, giving rise to new forms of life. . It is this stage of origin, of beginning, of creation of life, that inspired this new collection. The Origin, the turning to a new page, the beginning of a new chapter.


The Timeless Tale of Estremoz Marble in Origem’s Magical Collection
Imagine holding history in the palm of your hand, a story etched in stone—specifically, the majestic Estremoz marble. The Origem Collection is a testament to the beauty and significance of this noble Portuguese marble, found exclusively in the enchanting region of Estremoz, Portugal. This exceptional stone, borne from the earth near the village of Estremoz, carries within it the echoes of centuries past. Its name echoes the very land it emerges from, a land steeped in history and human presence since ancient times. The region’s heritage spans eras—pre-historic, Roman, Visigoth, and Muslim occupations, all leaving their mark on the land. Estremoz marble, renowned worldwide for its fine to medium grain and a spectrum of colors—white, cream, pink, and grey—embodies the richness of Portugal’s natural heritage. Each hue tells a different chapter of the land’s narrative, offering a palette that captivates the eye and stirs the soul, and a unique translucency that lets us have a slight glance between the dark and the light. Through the Origem Collection, the marble transcends its physical form, becoming a bridge between past and present, a symbol of resilience and endurance. It’s not merely a stone but a testament to the enduring spirit of a land and its people—a legacy crafted by time and nature, waiting to be embraced and cherished.

Elevating Sustainability Through Timeless Beauty and Eco-Conscious Design
The Origem Collection stands as a beacon of ecological consciousness, fueled by its profound commitment to sustainability. Embracing the noble Estremoz marble, it redefines our relationship with nature’s resources. This innovative approach breathes new life into what was once considered inert—a resurrection of “dead” resources. Through the reuse of this exquisite marble, the collection not only crafts remarkable pieces but also embodies a transformative ethos. It’s a narrative where discarded “remnants” find purpose, where nature’s gifts are honored and repurposed, marking a harmonious balance between creation and conservation. With each creation, the Origem Collection tells a story of renewal, ensuring that the beauty of the marble is sustained while championing a more mindful and environmentally aware future.

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