Orba is the latest edition to the Phos family. The highly versatile, modular patented projector range for indoor and outdoor.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK, the exterior range features a wide choice of mounting options, some of which are: spike, brackets, tree-strap and mirrored lawn-edge. The high range of adjustability is achieved by an ingenious, lockable connector and rail design that enables the lighting designer complete control when commissioning.

Sealed to IP65, the aesthetically pleasing ø70 spherical body is also the patented heatsink for the high-powered Cree LED. Delivering up to 830 luminaire lumens, Orba features easily interchangeable optics of 10°,20°, 30° and 50°- all of which accept our honeycomb anti- glare louvre for tighter beam control.

Manufactured from aluminium Orba is available in an unrivalled variety of flawless finishes, ranging from a sleek polished copper, to a rich antique gold and a classic espresso bronze. Particularly well-suited to the exterior are our specialist paint finishes of “rust” and “verdigris”. Our experience and dedication in metallurgy and finishes offers the interior design market plenty of creative freedom when specifying Orba within a design scheme.

Orba takes its inspiration from the eyeball of our award-winning Eyeconic range. It uses the same LED and optics as the Eyeconic, to achieve the same class-leading performance. Orba as well as being aesthetically pleasing, has received fantastic performance feedback from lighting consultants world-wide.

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