Inspired by the mechanical perfection of an orrery, the Orb presents a spherical ball of illumination, with a fully adjustable mirror that “orbits” around the luminaire at its centre.

For Astro, the engineering of each product has to be of the highest standard. The products need to operate effortlessly so one does not even consider the engineering solution that lies at the heart of it. This is true with the Orb where the delicate moving parts are robust but with a sense of lightness, masking a complex engineering solution behind its seamless aesthetic.

Primarily designed to be positioned alongside a bathroom mirror, the Orb is an illuminated magnifying mirror unlike any other, providing useful task lighting with an appreciable sense of design. It can also be pared with the single mirrorless orb to achieve a striking bathroom lighting design.

Designed exclusively in Britain and consistent with Astro’s creative ethos, that good design demands simplicity, Orb forms part of Astro’s exclusive Capsule Collection Volume 01.

Focusing on precision and restraint, Capsule Collection presents three iconic designs that transcend seasons and trends by being functional yet beautiful.

Comment from James Bassant, Astro’s Cofounder and Designer of the Orb

“Mechanical machines have always fascinated me; gears, cogs, chains and their interactions in analogue mechanical devices. Mechanical perfection seems crystallised in an Orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system and at its centre my other design obsession, the sun. My love of lights and my fascination with Orreries obsessed me to design the Orb as part of our Capsule Collection. At the centre of the design, it’s an orb of light of which a planet mirror orbits… For years I kept coming back and refining the design to capture the essence of an Orrery in a functional and desirable bathroom light, now known as the Orb.”

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