Does ONE change the world? Maybe not, but ONE tells a story about decluttering, about a more sustainable lifestyle. A portable, rechargeable reading lamp that can be used in any room of the house for multiple purposes. It has a ball joint and magnet that provide flexible adjustment while its timeless color choice makes it fit in anywhere. By taking your lamp from one place to another, you use much less energy as it won’t stay lit in areas where you’re not present. This means that you only need one.

Tonone presents ONE. One lamp that you can use in countless ways. The start is ONE. With the build in battery it lights up until 5 hours. This makes it portable. Combine the ONE with one of the fixtures and create a floor, table or wall light. The wall fixtures have a permanent place in your interior. The floor en table fixtures are easy to move from one place to another as well as inside or outdoors.

The ONE is made of aluminium and sink. This material is light en makes the lamp easy to carry. The different fixtures are made of steel. This gives the ONE a sturdy base. The finish of the lamp is a finely structured powder coacting. With only one move you attach or detach the ONE to the fixture because of the spheric steel magnet. The great advantage of this feature is that you can direct the ONE in any position. Upwards to light up the room or downwards to help you focus on your work. Or… bring ONE on the road. The LED gives a warm white color temperature of 2700K. The ONE has an intergrated (stepless) dimmer, allowing you to set the right brightness for whatever you’re doing up to 240 Lumen.

One lamp, endless adventures.

The ONE is available in 3 colors: Smokey Black (black), Heavy Metal (silver) and Fuzzy White (white).

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