Just like a piece of elegant colour ribbon, floating, drifting and shining by night in the city full of high-rise buildings around, which is a touch of tenderness in the concrete jungle build urban forest.


The facade curtain wall of the building adopts the lighting idea of the shape of fish scales, which is composed of 5495 custom-made metal aluminium plates in different sizes. Each metal aluminium plate is slightly folded in half to form two triangular surfaces, with a set of LED Flood Light hidden behind. The team is going to create a light and shade contrast between bright side and the surface that cannot be cast light. So the building curtain wall has become a media curtain wall system composed of 5495 triangular multi-colour pixels at night.


The project has positioned as a commercial shopping centre, and core area of the project,  the opened Central Street Plaza now, is just in front of the One Avenue Centre.


The team wish to express the polychrome design idea, so as to add dynamically visual sense and create a strong commercial atmosphere in this area.


However, there was no suitable Flood Light in the market at that time, and the existing RGB light was too dense in colour to achieve the effect that came up to the team’s expectation. Therefore, the team discussed with the client and to customize and develop a kind of particular media curtain wall light with high chromaticity and brightness, which had a neutral colour and pink colour as the main colour tone.


After a series of research and development in design and light testing, finally the team had developed and produced a new type of LED lamp whose configuration parameters was 48W-RGBW/1500mm/DMX, and ultimately to present such an lighting effect hue.


5495 metal aluminium panels combine together, while 5495 colour pixels, monochromatic  light with strong and subdued colour variation. The blending and gradual change of the same colour light system, and the combination of multiple colours stimulate the sensory memory, so as to paint the building with its unique visual art atmosphere and highlight the prosperous atmosphere of this block.

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