Playfulness is what we want to add to this creation. As humans we are always in constant motion and action and here, we conceive OMINO as our friends and companions in any interior with their rather special photocatalytic air purification glass heads!

SUGO founding members Kevin and Giulia wanted to ask some questions about what a lamp design can be: When is a lamp not just a lamp but a sculpture? Can it be part of a family? Can it evoke motion and emotion even when it is inanimate? These spike a light bulb in their minds and the OMINO lamp was born. The design is a symbolization of everyday activity by humans in any given situation and activities. Made simply by bending tubular steel into a symbolic movement of the human body silhouette with an opaque glass sphere that represents the human head and mind. OMINO questions the archaic representation of lighting as just objects of illumination and fuses the humanoid figure into a dynamic design. Each of the glass heads are applied with a special NASA tested and endorsed photocatalytic coating that allows for the amazing effect of purifying the atmosphere from Virus, Bacteria and Pollution activated ONLY with Light and Air.The initial collection contains 6 buddies into the collective of a family in small and real humanoid sizes. When OMINO lamp is places inside a space, the audience and the designs become part of the space and transfuses you into a single representation of sculptural forms. The enitire structure of OMINO is touch activated as an On/Off switch which is precalculated to add more emotion to the product as human touch is afterall, far more human then just a switch!

Enitre design is handcrafted in Italy.

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