The Olympia Shopping Center in Munich was redesigned as part of a refurbishment project. A new design structure and a new energy-saving and virtually maintenance-free artificial lighting concept were created.

For an improved quality of perception, generous adaptation areas were created at all entrance areas, which pick up the visitor from the respective daylight situation and accompany him into the artificial light.

The lighting climate in the mall was designed in the spirit of “Human Centric Lighting” and was also deliberately designed to be much richer in contrast and variety than would be implemented in normal interior spaces, for example.

As this is a mall where a special shopping experience is to be created, all decorative ceiling elements were upgraded in terms of lighting technology so that generous diffuse light areas were created on the ceiling, equipped with sufficient luminous fluxes to simulate the natural sky. These were supplemented with luminaires that produce brilliant directional light, thus imitating the proportion of direct sunlight from nature. All luminaires are equipped with variable white light from 1,800 K – 6,500 K and are smoothly dimmable. A lighting control system takes over the management of all artificial light and adapts it to natural daylight in terms of illuminance and colour temperature.

The mixture of different types of light ensures that a vitalizing and welcoming lighting climate is created at all times.

Tension and analogies to the location are also created by lighting objects such as a “pergola” that covers a seating area. It stands symbolically for the classic Munich beer garden and invites to a relaxed get-together. In the different areas of the mall, light objects repeatedly provide attention and variety. For example, there are ” suspended light swirls” or oversized floor lamps that decorate the air spaces of the high galleries

Luminous lettering has been mounted on the walls to annotate the different areas such as “love food” or “love fashion”.

Luminaire design durable and easy to maintain

With regard to sustainability, the lighting designers designed all the large-scale luminaires in a special luminaire design without exception.

This completely dispenses with diffuser foils, because these always become dirty over time and the quality of light decreases in the long term due to the aging process.

In our case, the light is generated in a joint and distributed over the entire surface via a specially shaped and coated reflector. The light joint is integrated into the reflector architecture in such a way that an observer cannot look into it and therefore cannot be dazzled.

Since the luminaires are also mounted outdoors, all components are IP-protected. This open area light distribution works so well that only a very slight gradient in the light distribution is perceptible, which was also a desired aspect in the design of the technology. The aim was to create a curved shape that looks much more dynamic and exciting than a flat light surface.

The work and initial studies for this luminaire concept began back in 2017 and were consistently implemented until completion this year.

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