Light to see – light to highlight – light to look at…

The three principles of Richard Kelly, one of the pioneers of architectural light, are implemented in this project in a unique way.

Optimally tailored to the user and harmoniously embedded in the heart of the Zähringerstadt, the new old town lighting is a real highlight.

The alleys are illuminated by a product specifically developed for the project. The main product is the catenary luminaire. A street module directs the light specifically onto the street areas and ensures the necessary safety. A façade module sets the scene for the historic façades of the « Zähringerstadt» and an additional module illuminates the light body so that it acts as an independent element in the urban space. All modules can be switched and controlled independently.

The design aspect is also a central element. The market lighting integrated into the tree lines creates a very special ambience and massively increases the quality of stay in the pedestrian zones.

A special magic occurs in the Christmas season. Garlands tailored to the project are supplemented by gobos integrated into the luminaires, which project snowflakes onto the ground and conjure up a smile on the faces of passersby and even encourages them to dance.

The radio-based lighting control system is a central element of the project. The control components were integrated into the customised luminaires. The catenary luminaires are of a particular importance. The illumination of the facades of the historical buildings in the old town is completely switched off when the number of street users decreases and classic street lighting is continued. This leads to reduced light emissions, to the benefit of people, flora and fauna.
With the implemented lighting control system, the individual luminaires could be adjusted in such a way that a constant lighting effect is generated across the entire old town. This effect is also archived when the distances to facades, the material colours and surfaces change.

With the increased quality of lighting comes, also due to the lighting control system, a decrease of the energy consumption by 77%.

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