A highly versatile, powerful, adaptable, and modular interior projector.

Occular Axis features the capability to adjust on multiple axes (18° tilt, 360° rotation, 80mm extension), combined with our interchangeable baffle system which can be finished in any colour, multiple LED type variants and is available in three different sizes (Nano/Standard/Maxi) – making this the most adaptable range within our product portfolio post-installation.

The body, ingeniously, is also the heatsink for all the Occular Axis variants. Delivering up to 1650 luminaire lumens, featuring easily interchangeable optics of 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°, 35°, 40° and 50° – all of which can accept our honeycomb anti-glare louvres, for tighter beam control and refined visual quality.

90CRI as standard with the option to upgrade to our Dim-to-warm, High Efficiency, Genesis and Genesis Tuneable LEDs (98CRI) enhancing the built environment.

Occular Axis is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the UK, meaning we have full provenance of material enabling us to offer an unrivalled range of flawless finishes to bridge the gap between architectural and decorative luminaires.

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