It is the largest mosque in Central Asia and one of the largest in the world The main dome of the mosque is the largest of its kind in the world.

Situated on the historic Silk Route, Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, which has been a melting pot of influences for centuries. Through trade and travel, the city has been enriched both stylistically and culturally, and today, more than 130 ethnic groups call Kazakhstan home. The new Nur-Sultan Grand Mosque is a celebration of that unity in diversity that permeates the country and its social fabric.

On a 25 acres site, the mosque covers a staggering 57,000 sq/m footprint, with four towering minarets rising 130 metres above the central dome: it’s a feat of design and engineering that makes its presence felt city-wide. The minarets frame the formal courtyard which is divided into five sections illustrating the day’s prayers.

The central dome, one of the largest of its kind globally, spans a diameter of 62 metres and a height of more than 83 metres. It is adorned with a 197.8-metres-long, hand-crafted calligraphic scroll, the world’s longest calligraphic manuscript. 72 smaller blue and white domes are carefully composed around it to create a bold and majestic visual. The mosque is a towering symbol of Kazakh culture and Muslim traditions.
The illumination on the arfen dome played major role in all of the interior spaces.

‘’ Falling light from the sky.’’ The main idea is symbolizing a light of god falling down from the framework like light from the sky and form the atmposphere in this religious space. Luminaires were sensitively located in order to provide maximum function with minimal impact. Mosque has many varied functions, each with unique requirements from the space and in turn the lighting.

Facing the Qibla Wall, the point of arrival, the final goal of each of the worshippers withdraw in meditation and devote themselves to prayer. The ninety-nine names of Allah in strictly geometric Kufic caligraphy, displayed in a back lit, ‘’split’’ glass mosaic in all shades of yellow, is placed on the ArtWork according to rigorously selected geometric pattern, strong but extremely simple, in harmony with the entire building which it will become ‘’Focal Point’’.

In addition, showcasing the stunning architectural interior, within this magical building, were primary design considerations. By gently emphasising the architectural elements with concealed lights, creating ambient illumination, were able to reveal and accentuate the architecture’s honesty and boldness, but also make the space feel calm, safe and holistic.

All light components are dimmable and controlled via a sophisticated control system. Pre-set programmes provide numerous scenes to respond to various liturgies and for other uses, including tourism.

It has been a very special journey with a great ending. It is both a great privilege and a great responsibility to undertake the lighting of such an important, historical and iconic building. And an example of a particular style of architecture, or represent a significant era, or a milestone in the city’s history.

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