Ningbo MixC is a new 243,000sqm retail development located at the heart of a new central in Ningbo. The client envisioned the project as a gift to the city, a new lifestyle destination and entertainment venue designed to provide the local community an option to meet their consumption upgrading needs, better open civic spaces and a place for families. Its main features are: a 24-hour accessible roof garden, the first Ferris wheel in the Ningbo city centre, and a 700-m long retail corridor.

The long retail corridor is one of the longest indoor retail streets in China. To create an engaging journey for the visitors to encourage them to explore the mall, various design features were curated along the corridors, such as the themed atria and unique retail nodes. Warm lighting of 3000K is used in all the interior spaces to invoke the feelings of finesse and elegance, and to enhance the warm materials used in the space. 4000K lighting is used in selected areas such as the mall entrances and the feature starry ceilings across the mall.

A high level of illuminance typical of high-end malls in the region and a high level of uniformity was achieved through a combination of design elements, using a combination of cove lights, downlights (laid out in various configurations) for general and accent lighting, and feature lighting elements in the atria.

The interior lighting design concept of ‘Ripples’ is inspired by the nautical history of Ningbo as a seafaring port and expressed in the three atria, through three different themes. Feature lighting elements in each atrium are designed to reflect each of their unique themes, creating a joyful and appealing environment.

At the Ripple of Imagination (west atrium), a series of circular pendants were installed on the ceiling to create an active and playful visual feature, with the Ferris wheel visible through the skylight in the background adding another layer of visual interest with its similar form.

At the Ripple of Celebration (central atrium), asymmetric wash lights concealed along the sides gently illuminated the ‘ripple ribbons’ under the skylight to give an impression of softness, above a exhibition plaza with changing retail displays.

For the Ripple of Nature (east atrium), the ‘Treehouses’ are illuminated with a subtle uplight accent to ‘lift’ the structure and enhance the impression of height. Together with the ‘starry skies’ created using an array of light fixtures with a very small apertures, a scene of nature is created to reflect the theme.

Besides being a successful commercial design, Ningbo MixC is a development that also has a public service intention. The creation of inspiring and intriguing visitor experience using light, the design fulfils the goal of providing a local destination whereby the community can mingle, enjoy, and be engaged.

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