Nightshift is an example of how public art can reflect a community and its surroundings to cultivate and support their cultural identity. The custom LED art installation is the result of a partnership with the City and the School Board to help strengthen the community values and create an elevated sense of awareness. The site of the project, a downtown Junior Public School, once flanked by a decrepit chain-linked fence, has now been transformed into a public art installation.

Working closely with the artist, the City and the school board to create a concept, both kids of the school and local community members were invited and given an opportunity to share ideas for the design.

The new installation spans 39 meters of public side walk and is made up of 144 channel glass panels with varying transparencies that provide the installation with a playful and unique look. The support structure is made up of engineered steel framing and aluminum capping to conceal the fasteners. While a continuous linear run of dynamic LED (RGBA) lighting mounted between the sections of panel glass allow both the public and the school yard to interact with the installation.

In its base state, Nightshift provides gentle waves of varying blue hues. The magic of this installation is created with the integrated motion activated sensors that when triggered create a wave of coloured light that tracks both the direction and speed of the pedestrian, creating a dynamic display of digital art that further animates the busy streetscape.

The impact on the neighbourhood has been well-received. Public art has the ability to enrich our physical environments, while physically and metaphorically bringing light to what were once dark streetscapes, breathing new life through vibrant colours and designs all while raising public awareness about important community issues and topics.

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