The NatureConnect lighting system brings the benefits of natural daylight to people indoors. Using Biophilic Design principles we reconnect people to the qualities of outdoor light that they need. By restoring the natural light balance present in the sun and the sky and using the virtual view of the outside, we are able improve the livability of indoor spaces that lack good access to natural daylight. By using natural analogues, we create a lighting experience that is universally comfortable and desirable while delivering the biological and emotional benefits for health and wellbeing and people’s day rhythm.

NatureConnect represents a paradigm shift from traditional office lighting, using Biophilic principles to create a completely new approach for office lighting. This approach has led to a solution that brings the natural feeling of daylight indoors that reconnects people with the outdoors. By combining a naturally comfortable experience with a new benchmark in lighting for health and wellbeing, the NatureConnect system represents a new standard in office lighting that surpasses WELL building standards.

People today spend on average 90% of their lives living and working indoors cut off from nature and natural light. The NatureConnect venture began with the objective to reconnect people with the feeling of outdoors and the qualities and benefits of natural light that are often missing in office interiors and current indoor lighting solutions. The design concept direction is rooted in the 14 Principles of Biophilic design to deliver the well documented benefits for health and wellbeing of employees and the sustainable performance benefits for employers.

NatureConnect is designed to have a clean and simple aesthetic and a modular and flexible system compatible to multiple types of ceiling systems. The modules can be easily recessed in a ceiling, due to their low overall profile, as well as deployed in a free-standing ceiling island (see pictures), designed for modern open ceilings. The skylight effect is designed to maximize the feeling of sunlight falling into the space and an infinitely deep blue sky using special optical materials for the sun and sky effect. Overall, the illusion of sunniness that is created is highly appreciated by all who experience it.

At Signify we promise to unlock the extraordinary power of light for brighter lives and a better world. We focus on sustainable innovation and development, by improving health and wellbeing and ensuring our solutions are energy efficient and recyclable. NatureConnect is an innovation that focuses on a new way of delivering on this promise for office lighting where health and wellbeing has become a very strong drive for organizations who care about their employees’ health and wellbeing because it is an important factor in attracting and retaining talent and ensuring high performance and creativity in knowledge work.

The NatureConnect system creates natural light experiences based on scientific and design principles that are proven to have an impact on the comfort, health and wellbeing of office workers, especially where they are cut off from access to natural daylight and outside views. This new approach to lighting helps people to achieve a good daily rhythm, and better health and wellbeing, leading to lower levels of employee sickness and better engagement at work. This approach has similar benefits for other applications such as hospitality, care institutions and consumers.

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