“Walking in the king’s garden where the king’s dignity and loneliness breathe”

‘Namhansanseong’ is a fortress in the Joseon Dynasty that protected the capital, Hanyang.

In 2014, it was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and it has been loved as a tourist attraction and historic park as its character has changed from the place where the king stayed to a park open to the public.

Through the lighting design, we planned for people who visit Namhansanseong to experience the light that allow them to feel Namhansanseong fully while walking along the path the king walked.

In general, the warm colour of light creates an analogue light feel, and the characteristics of ancient architecture, trails, ponds, and trees that compose the space are emphasized as design elements. For the architectural structure, the light makes the beautiful colours of Dancheong stand out in its original colour and emphasizes the formativeness of architecture.

The main access road, which was the old king’s road, is illuminated with luminaires representing a torch that used to illuminate the king’s road. On the promenade around the park, low level lighting throughout the walkway is embodied “lantern”, and in the pond where the ancestors enjoyed the nature, trees and architecture were gently illuminated to show its reflection in the pond.

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