Nakhjavan Landscape is actually an extensive courtyard of a residential tower in the north of Tehran, which includes green spaces with various plant and flora along with garden tents, and green walls.

According to the client’s taste, the purpose of lighting has been to create a beautiful place, with a pleasant and relaxing environment for the residents, and on the contrary to the severe budget constraints, it is designed in a way so not only the residents enjoy the view from their windows during the night, but also people in the courtyard, experience an enjoyable urban environment, away from hustle and bustle.
The design beautifully inspired by sunset and motifs are adopted from fireflies.

To achieve this, the inside lightings of the tent is covered with 3000K warm white light to provide a satisfactory and pleasant effect for those who resorting and relaxing within the tent. The corners of the tent is covered by Flood Light with special Barn Doors with 450nm wavelength blue lights to be reminiscent of a beautiful sunset. The dome shaped tents have also helped to establish this feeling even better.

At the base of white metal side-poles of tent, which are held down into the ground, RGBW lights are placed and concealed with white rocks so that the light bulbs are kept completely out of sight. These shimmering orange lights bring the feeling of fire that flickering softly under the white rocks, as if the metal pillars protruded from inside the rocks. The inside area of the tent are designed for all seasons so people can enjoy resting there all day and night in any climate conditions, and enjoy surrounding scenery.

In the green walls area, tiny RGBW lights are installed on 30 cm metal bars and covered by green outer shells that are set in a way to provide sufficient camouflage during day and night. These soft lights with a very gentle, uneven tempo are shed on plants on green walls, feels like living is in the midst of nature and the basic idea adopted from fireflies in green bushes, so gives the place an eye-catching and fascinating atmosphere.

The intensity, colour and type of light settings, along with the RGBW lights laid by the metal poles, are held down in the ground, and are controlled by a central controller.

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