Cult fashion and lifestyle label Nagnata’s Byron Bay Flagship features a lighting design that mimics and celebrates the brand’s artistry, movement, and an unapologetic refusal to conform. Illumination is pivotal to both the space and the brand experience itself.

The project enjoys a concept and execution that makes no two moments the same – on one visit a scene simulating sunrise or sunset off Byron Bay, the next, metamorphosing to a futuristically electrifying and energetic space. The scene design follows the natural daylight colours and tones from dawn to dusk, then after dark things get more up-tempo.

The furniture and spatial approach showcases a minimalistic and stylish assortment of mild and muted tones, which by design play a few crucial roles. Adjustable spots situated in isolated pockets provide a gallery-like focus and empower the products with a sophisticated and optimised singling-out.

Also, the spatial approach plays a very important role in acting as a launching pad. Offsetting the palette of hyper-tactile, earthy finishes is the hallmark of the space – a procession of Bluetooth-controlled RGB WW linear luminaires that run centrally through the ceiling.

They work hand-in-hand with various other RGW WW sources that are thoughtfully concealed in multiple nooks, cracks, holes, joinery and mirrors within the environment to bathe the entire store in a wash of coloured light.

This was painstakingly created so when visitors experience Nagnata, they are never quite sure where the colour is coming from, almost as if we have painted the entire location using light, transforming this stylish serene sanctuary into a charismatic and exuberant environment.

Lighting design plays a critical role in not only helping to communicate the vivaciousness of the brand but is pivotal in making Nagnata Flagship such a triumph.

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