Mystery 89 is a multiple light installation that draw inspiration from the myth of Persephone and her relationship with Iris the goddess of the rainbow.

The narrative is about a celebration fir Persephone’s return to the upper world by goddess Iris. Iris places, one each day, six light rings in different places of the city of Eleusis to symbolise our “marriage” with life, the path to eternity, the union with our deepest self, the world and time itself. The six colors of the rainbow illuminate one place each day asking the citizens and visitors of Eleusis to discover them. Red, the colour of living blood and fire, the colour of the pulsating senses appears first, the second day follows the orange flame-colour ring. On the 3rd night another ring lights an abandoned industrial building in yellow praising the sun, the spreading of knowledge and hope. On night 4 the city’s Square is dressed in green with 5 rings to remind us of vegetation as well as the paleness of imminent death, the union of life and death. The fifth ring blue is standing at the seaside, in front of the Old Oil Mill Factory ready for a journey in the stormy seas under the starry dome. The 6th day the last ring appears at the Ship Graveyard, half sunk into the sea. It is violet but as the night progresses it changes colors stabilising in a bright white.

Consists of 10 LED metal rings of 1,5-4m diam.

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