The MVM Dome opened its doors to the public in 2022, the 50,000 m2 multifunctional complex, capable of accommodating 20,000 people. The lighting system of the building was provided, specified, delivered and programmed by BE LIGHT!. The MVM Dome, previously known as the Budapest Multifunctional Sports Hall, presented BE LIGHT! with extremely exciting professional challenges. We had the opportunity to create a system that represents today’s lighting technology, what the new technologies are, and how to program a control system including thousands of addresses.

Visitors are welcomed by a grandiose suspended lighting installation in the hall, which was made in a Czech manufactory and included 848 handmade glass tubes. RGBW lighting units can also be controlled via DMX protocol.

The lighting of the corridors is provided by custom lighting fixtures, which were manufactured based on the designs of MVM Dome’s interior designer, MCXVI Architect Studio. The V-shaped, suspended profiles practically run along the entire building in a random location, creating a great contrast with the dark-toned ceiling. The V-lamps not just fulfill their function, but due to their striking shape and quantity, they become a defining design element of the interior.

Minimal, clean shapes also appear in VIP boxes, in consistency with the interior design concept. The general lighting is provided by linear LED luminaires fitted into the busbar and spotlights with adjustable orientation.

The adjustable sports lighting is suitable for HDTV broadcasts of the highest-level world competitions, as well as for super-slow-motion recordings due to flicker-free technology. The lighting system also plays an important role in events and concerts, it is suitable for changing the color temperature and also suitable for dynamic lighting. As a show lighting system, they can present dynamic effects (flashing, running light) based on a pre-written program. And this means that the hall can change it’s function via the lighting control system., which is an exceptional and unique solution in Europe.

Lighting and control system designed, supplied, programmed by BE LIGHT!

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