MVM Dome – Budapest Multifunctional Arena

The MVM Dome opened its doors to the public in 2022, the 50,000 m2 multifunctional complex, capable of accommodating 20,000 people. The lighting system of the building was provided, specified, delivered and programmed by BE LIGHT!. The MVM Dome, previously known as the Budapest Multifunctional Sports Hall, presented BE LIGHT! with an extremely exciting professional challenges. We had the opportunity to create a system that represents today’s lighting technology, what the new technologies are and how to program a control system including thousands of addresses.

Lighting technology point of view, the most outstanding element of the building is the facade. We developed an unusual system: the lighting fixtures were hidden in the facade’s mantle to strengthening the architectural character of the complex. We have associated a DMX protocol communication system with the RGBW lamps, our colleagues have assigned 11,328 digital addresses, so the luminaires can be controlled individually. In addition to changing the color of the emitted light, it is also possible to create slow transitions, pulsations, and fast scene changes.

Lighting and control system designed, supplied, programmed by BE LIGHT!

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