Our aim at Orluna is to not just provide beautiful fittings; that look contemporary and stylish, but also fittings that deliver the best lit effect for every environment. Hence why we decided to refresh the concept of wallwashing. Existing wallwashers are larger and generally tailored to commercial areas. The great thing about the Muro is that it’s a miniature wallwash for commercial and residential spaces, more accessible and less intimidating than existing wallwashers.

The Muro is a contemporary wallwasher which comes from a new range of products, designed to give the best lit effect. Our latest innovation achieves a superior lit effect by using a straight optic, resulting in a straight beam edge – in stunning contrast to typical downlight wallwashers, whose curved beam edges create an undesirable scallop effect. The Muro’s straight beam optic, reaches floor to ceiling even illumination. It cuts in perfectly to the ceiling edge, leaving no shadows or space unlit. It’s no wonder that despite being a new product, it is already extremely popular with lighting designers who love the Muro.

The Muro showcases the Origin engine, which is renowned for its high CRI and R9 values. This helps to render colours true. With CRI:98 and R9:99, colours are seen as intended as if under natural light, but particularly reds are rendered near perfect. With reds being known industry wide as the hardest colour to render, having such high R9 values is beneficial in rendering all colours, including whites. It helps subjects under our lights to look healthy, vibrant and younger. This helps to enhance interior designer’s creations and compliment furnishing choices by showing a full spectrum of colour within fabrics and materials.

The inspiration behind the design for the Muro, came from the conscious that as a downlight manufacturer, classic wallwashers protrude from the ceiling and can be unsightly. We wanted to create a subtle fitting, that provided the highest class possible in wallwashing. There are no scalloped effects left on the wall, and no bulky fittings hanging from ceilings, creating a clean, even finish. The design of the back face of the fitting is so that when they are positioned lighting a wall, the person viewing the lights will not see into the light source. This also allows the Muro to blend into the fabric of the ceiling, meaning that when on, the fittings look great, but also look great off, an often-overlooked point.

The Muro is so subtle whilst producing the most uniform illumination in wallwashing, makes it an ideal product for many applications. Museums & galleries make good use of the Muro to illuminate large pieces of art, or for residentials that have long corridors or walkways, or to lit up feature walls. The Muro makes wallwashing available for every specifier by being a simple refined product, that isn’t overly technical or complicated.

The best lit effect is now a standard that everyone deserves, with light needing to dramatise detail, evoke emotion and enhance beauty. The Muro delivers all of these beautifully.

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