The Multinova is born from the innovative Supernova range within the Delta Light portfolio. Multinova boasts similar features and methods of installation, however this luminous disc of light has some additional features to make it multi-applicable, hence the name … Multi.

This truly is a multi-faceted product, complementing its surrounding environment with function and form. With two different diameters, a down and down-up version and a limited height of only 69mm, Multinova is one flexible fixture. Its small dimensions fit in any residential or hospitality project, and as a track mounted luminaire it suits any retail environment, and by adding a prismatic sheet for reduced glare it adapts perfectly to the office environment too. Multinova can even be used on the Delta Light Magnetic profiles for general lighting.

Ideal for a plethora of applications, the Multinova is the perfect lighting solution for any project.

Multinova comes in a sleek black or white and can also be finished in a warm and decadent gold to enrich its surroundings. On top of the already exuberant aesthetics, next to a sandblasted or prismatic optic, one can opt for a smoked sheet at the front for a more decorative touch. When turned on the disc is fully lit, when turned off a deep dark hue arises, beautifully complementing the gold coloured Multinova.

Multinova is available in different applications as the Mutlinova 30 Pivot ADM and the brand new Multinova 30 Pivot Prism 930 ADM DIM 5, all offered in 3000k warm white, to elegantly illuminate any space.

Straightforward, or playful on track, Multinova is available as a fixed or pivoting disc, making it the perfect flexible solution whilst still dazzling with play and design.


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