Multilume Re:Think heralds a new era in renewable, sustainable lighting. This recessed modular product looks like conventional designs but, instead of sheet metal for the body, makes use of Solid Board, a completely new material to the lighting industry. Solid Board is 100% organic and made of 78% recycled material that originates in Europe with the remaining virgin content sourced from FSC-certified Swedish forests. With a reduction in climate impact of 83%, with the weight of the luminaire reduced by 32%, and a packed volume 30% less, there are great advantages in manufacturing, storage, shipping, and installation. In addition, printing the instruction manual on the luminaire saves 2000kg of A4 paper per annum. Plastic corner supports, used for packaging of conventional steel luminaires, are unnecessary, and plastic wrap is eliminated, saving 7 tons and 166 000 sqm of single use plastic per annum, based on current conventional product volumes. There are no post installation residual plastic components, and all components are recyclable.

But designing Multilume Re:Think wasn’t easy – Organic material has higher tolerances compared to dead metal or plastic, requiring a total “Re:Think” of conventional design practice and causing us to constantly challenge convention. The result is a luminaire that performs impeccably and delivers exceptional results. The micro-prism Delta Optic produces a rounded light distribution for uniformity, glare control and comfort in Office workplaces to EN12464, as well as 148lm/w. Opal versions provide equally efficient lighting of all other general building areas. Constant Light Output drivers as standard allow the use of higher maintenance factors in calculations and the breadth of range, with dimming, 3/4000k, Tuneable White, CRI80 or 90 allows Multilume Re:Think to adapt to almost any application.

Integration in buildings is easy, with simple lay-in installation into 15 or 25mm tee ceilings, and the 32% weight reduction means that additional ceiling support materials are likely unnecessary. During installation, the protective transport cover doubles up as an on-site dust shield and is easily removed for recycling. A no-tool, quick connect system joins the luminaire to the separate driver housing.

Working lifetime is a critical part of sustainability, and Multilume Re:Think is engineered for 100000hrs, perhaps 20 years in operation, and has been comprehensively tested and shown compliant to BS EN60598 and beyond for recessed indoor lighting, including temperature and moisture performance.

And the icing on the cake – Multilume Re:Think is available, as standard, with seamlessly integrated Organic Response sensors, allowing this ground-breaking product to become part of an equally ground-breaking Organic Response intelligent building eco-system.

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