From darkness into light: this former postal facility, shrouded since WWII, beckons travellers into spacious day-lit volumes and where, at night, colour comes out to play. Seven years’ effort on the designers’ part and extensive coordination with stakeholders result in a design that adapts seamlessly to the significant presence of natural light and transforms the great hall to nighttime vibrancy.

Daylighting studies identified the potential for extreme contrast between the skylit halls and adjacent low-ceilinged spaces. Consequently a lighting control system was specified to automatically minimise luminance ratios. Linear lighting frames the skylights and continuously adapts to the intensity and colour temperature of natural light, supporting circadian rhythms.

Concealment was critical to the architect’s realisation of a “grand civic space …melding old with new.” The Train Hall’s distinctive trusses mandated thoughtful integration of the luminaires, and this sensibility applies to circulation areas as well.

During the day the station’s airy elegance is evident; at night the lighting artistry reveals itself. Systems of truss-mounted RGBW uplights work in concert with façade washing to articulate structure while maintaining visual transparency to the sky beyond. Subtle as daylight fades, bold colours celebrate the trusses and purlins. Scenes are orchestrated to mark holidays or local events: art and function in perfect balance.

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