A whimsical branch-like structure with abstract leaf and petal formations, gently twist and turn within the wind creating a sense of energy and movement in Rock & Soar’s latest bespoke lighting installation ‘Movement of Matter’.

The focal artwork takes centre stage as a magical adornment to a private residential interior space in Central London, functionally illuminating the ‘Family Living & Reception’ rooms with warm glowing light whilst evoking movement and play throughout the piece.

Working with Netflix’s Blown Away 2 winner Elliot Walker to handcraft the beautiful glass samples, each piece embodies a unique swirl of fossilised movement and energy that works in synergy with the narrative. A new discovery of creating a smoke metallic molten finish that will change colour when exposed to light has been used after many experiments in the hot shop, as well as glistening translucent abstract petal shapes to break up the colour flow and enhance reflections.

To complement the hand-blown glass, botanical-inspired brass detailing adds to the reflection and silhouetting of the feature building on presence and contrast. Born from hand-drawn illustrations of native flowers from the end-client’s country, an abstract interpretation creates flowing lines and sentimentality to the feature. ‘Movement of Matter’ is an innovative lighting sculpture that fuses traditional craft techniques with the latest engineering processes of 3D tube bending, allowing for tight radial bends on varying axes to create the dynamic composition at all viewing angles.

The project took four months to complete and a day to install, with supplier challenges and problem solving along the way. Watercolour painting and sketching of movement in nature, wind formations and natural matter are developed into tangible designs by director Alison Smith and are turned into technical and structurally feasible sculptures by the engineering team. Manufacturing was out-sourced in the UK and assembly of the work was completed in London.

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