Moto Rino is the latest addition to the Motolux family of motorized remote controlled lighting solutions created by formalighting. Unique and revolutionary, Moto Rino is a truly innovative concept for restaurants and hospitality environments.

Moto Rino luminaires are intelligent due to their inbuilt memory, allowing them to instantly recall pre-recorded position, color temperature, beam angle, and dim level settings previously recorded via the intelligent CASAMBI™ control app.

Through its ability to recall pre-recorded positions and settings, Moto Rino offers quick and effortless usability and essential flexibility for table arrangements.

Moto Rino is available in both standard recessed and backlight versions, both of which are available in trim and trimless options.

The standard recessed luminaire empowers lighting designers with unlimited creative possibilities, allowing them to customise colour temperature, and functional spotlight ambient light and dim level, which can be recalled as desired.

Moto Rino backlight version is the ultimate motorized recessed downlight for creating extraordinary accent and ambient lighting in different settings. The spotlight and backlight can be controlled independently, allowing an ambient effect to be easily created. Two DC motors drive the fixture, enabling a remarkable range of movement, tiltable vertically up to 30° and horizontally 330° Pan.

Moto Rino’s high-quality diffusion comes from its LED sources with a high efficacy of CRI: 90 and colour temperature options ranging from 2700K to 4000K. Accessories such as a honeycomb louvre can be added to reduce glare and further dim the lighting for intimate settings.

Combining complex controls with an intelligent, user-friendly fixture makes Moto Rino an excellent solution for bars, restaurants and other high-end hospitality venues. The end user has the ability through Moto Rino to set the ideal tone and atmosphere of an establishment, creating a warm and relaxing ambience to enhance guest experience.

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