Moto-JoJo is formalighting’s latest MOTOLUX system of motorized pendant luminaires with automated motorized adjustability of suspension height.

Each customizable fixture has an integrated glare-free diffuser, to reflect the light from the advanced Lumenetix ‘True Tunable Colour’ LED modules, and has a pre-installed cable length of up to 4.5 meters – from which it has a range of 1.6 meters of automated height adjustability.

Moto-JoJo’s height position and light colour temperature are easy to control via the formalighting app, powered by Casambi, which enables the user to design and easily create colorful shapes and light sculptures with movement to transform environments.

Using the Casambi app, each fixture can be controlled separately and users can create and save groups, scenes and animations and activate them by timer or any preset daily/weekly/monthly schedule.

Moto-JoJo is equipped with a universal power input LED driver of 120-277VAC input, no signal wires are required, just connect the power and use the Casambi app to control it.

Moto-JoJo is very easy to install, available with 2 mounting options – Track Mounted (with different track adapter options) or ceiling mounted.

Moto-JoJo is the perfect luminaire for designers who want to make their vision a reality and create art from their installations.

Our technology transformed into your art.

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