MORGANA is a new and sustainable design from Ole! Lighting. It has been inspired by the well-known witch from the legends of King Arthur and Merlin the wizard.

The witch Morgana had the power to change shape, an ability that we have given our lamp. MORGANA is presented as a changing design, a living lamp with its own spirit. A different lighting concept that allows you to play with shapes whenever you want.

It is redesignable and customisable by sliding its metal rings vertically just by using your hands. And just like the witch did, the lamp changes its shape and transforms. With MORGANA you will be the one who makes magic.

MORGANA is a unique and innovative lighting concept, a versatile lamp that you can interact with, that makes you part of the design. Multiple shapes brought together in a single lamp that transforms its appearance into a new one by involving the user.

As a changing design, it reduces the temptation to be replaced, keeping the interest for longer and breaking the trend of fast consumption. MORGANA seeks to be the answer to the fleeting changes in tastes and needs of consumers. An ingenious lamp for non-conformists who want to break up with conventional designs.

The cord, available in 15 different colours, comes to life by adapting to the vertical movement of the rings. Furthermore, this cord makes MORGANA a sustainable design by being part of the OCEANS WITHOUT PLASTIC initiative of Ole! Lighting’s, as it is manufactured with polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. The aim is to remove 4 tonnes of plastic from the environment every year.

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