“Moon Flower” is a plantlike light sculpture in the landscape of Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice in North London. It is inspired by the childlike wonder we’ve all felt when looking up towards the moon, and a dream to create a feature that was extraordinary and fun, and also in harmony with its surroundings.

At dusk, the seven glowing moons alternately fade on a slow continuous loop, and as daylight disappears the visual connection between moons and stems is washed away until they begin to float among the blackness of the trees in the adjacent woodland. The animation of the light is designed to be natural and subtle. Ideaworks provided control gear, drivers and programming. LED Flex provided PCBs.

As a permanent installation it was important that it should work at all times of day and in all seasons. During daylight hours the textured red of the flower’s curved metallic body (by Dernier & Hamlyn) and the fibrous surface of the moons (by In-es.artdesign) create a playful contrast amongst the greenery and long grasses.

The sculpture is intended to be viewed from all angles and sits in the centre of the looping path of the Sensory Garden. At 2m high it also provides a focal point when viewed from central lobby of the main building.

The charity’s mission is “to enable those we support to enjoy life as children, rather than as patients” and we are delighted to play a very small part in this, with the addition of Moon Flower.

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