Modus is an aluminium electrified track, available in three neutral white, black and burnished finishes and with a vast range of modules that provide great freedom of composition. The system includes different elements and numerous accessories, each dedicated to a specific lighting scenario or a precise operating environment. The extreme versatility of Modus makes it suitable for various spaces such as offices, retail environments, museums or even modern residential settings. Modus is a system conceived and designed to simplify and streamline any technical lighting creation, no matter how complex.

Available in white, black, white and black (goffered) and burnished and black finishes, the profile consists of two parts.

The upper one, dedicated to indirect emission, is available in two monochromatic colour temperatures – 3500k and 4000k – and in a Dynamic White version.

The Dynamic White technology makes the system even more adaptive because it allows it to vary the colour temperature from 2700 to 5000 kelvin according to the ambient light as it is optimised for Human Centric Lighting.

The peculiarities of indirect emission are the openness and softness of the beam.

Each LED in the circuit is equipped with its own lens with extra wide optics that creates a homogeneous flow on the ceiling and makes it possible to eliminate unsightly linear projections on the ceiling even when installed on very low ceilings.

The lower part of the profile, on the other hand, is dedicated to the press-fit insertion of the numerous modules.

The ones designed for maximum visual comfort, for example for use in workplaces, are the Microprismatic and Cell modules.

The Microprismatic module is designed to evenly distribute light with low glare levels over the entire work surface, not only with a single desk but also in the case of opposing workstations. Like this one, the Microcell Cell Module with recessed optics also guarantees a UGR of less than 19. Both modules comply with the calculation indications for cylindrical illuminance of the face.

As for the accent lighting elements, the designer can choose between 3 variants of adjustable spotlights in black and white finish: two 7 and 12 watt projectors and a module consisting of 3 independently adjustable micro-projectors model optus_EX that disappear inside the extruded housing thanks to their extremely small dimensions.

Finally, we will choose the cell wall washer module in case we want to uniformly illuminate walls, showcases, shelves or side art installations.

There are also 2 brand news modules we are about to launch:

Sound Comfort

The Modus Sound Comfort Element boasts a sound absorption coefficient of 0.81.

This measures the element’s ability to absorb the energy of a sound wave. The coefficient ranges from 0 to 1 (0.81 is therefore considered highly absorbent).

Air Quality Sensor

The AQS sensor, available as a module of the Modus system, constantly monitors the air and, through a DALI setting, can interface with home automation systems such as KNX to operate room ventilation (such as automatic window opening).

The module is also equipped with a signal LED that defines the air quality level when changing colour.

The air quality sensor monitors, via the twil app, an index called the VOC index. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are chemical compounds of various kinds, made up of molecules of different natures, but all characterised by high volatility, i.e. the ability to evaporate easily in the air at room temperature.

It is possible to take care of any indoor environment through automated actions such as opening tilting windows or activating air sanitisation systems when certain warning levels are exceeded.

In addition to the VOC index, the AQS sensor also detects temperature, humidity and CO2.

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