Occhio is based on an idea that is as simple as it is revolutionary: Drawing on the belief that quality of light means quality of life, the Munich based company develops holistic, multifunctional luminaire and spotlight systems. With the new arc luminaire Mito largo Occhio expands its award-winning Mito series with a design icon to make an expressive statement in interior design.

The delicate, freestanding luminaire represents the perfect blend of material and color – without impinging upon the room’s architecture. It combines outstanding quality of workmanship and light, intuitive control and extraordinary features such as » color tune « in one graceful, curved design. The characteristic, circular head floats elegant and effortless above the furniture as if weightless on the tapered, minimalist carbon body.

The subtle definition of its » cut « highlights the artistic workmanship and emphasizes its careful attention to detail, allowing Mito to appear as a delicately crafted piece of jewelry. There are seven refined surfaces that give the luminaire its unparalleled look – including rose gold, bronze, matt gold, matt silver, matt black, matt white and the fascinating mysterious metal surface phantom which creates a uniquely new style for current trends in interior design. The carbon body is available in white or black. Thanks to its sophisticated mechanism, the luminaire head can be set at three heights. Furthermore the entire innovation of the Mito series is also used here: Mito largo can be switched on/off and dimmed as if by magic right at the head of the luminaire using » touchless control « gesture control. The » up/down fading « function lets light be spread continuously between uplight and downlight.

Alternatively, the Occhio air app or air controller with Bluetooth provide maximum ease of use. A new feature: »colour tune« lets the colour temperature be adjusted according to the situation. The light can thereby be set to match the mood – from a warm lighting atmosphere for a relaxed evening to an energizing, cool working light. The light colour is infinitely adjustable between 2700 and 4000K. With their sophisticated lighting effects featuring direct, glare-free light emitted downward and dispersed, indirect light shining upward. With light emitted from one or both sides, the uplight and downlight can be controlled separately, thereby creating a variety of lighting scenarios.

The combination of sublime design, impressive features and innovative lighting technology makes Mito largo to a special design icon that combines sophisticated style with state-of-the-art technology.

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