The concept for the lighting of the installation was highly driven by the landscape proposal and approach, as well as the existing elements in the square. The intention is to create a different experience in the nightscape of the square and to use artificial lighting to evoke natural theatrical effects like moonlighting, the dappled leaves patterns as the night context of the landscape installation.

Public space needs to be occupied and felt as the ever changing environment that it is. Lighting the square at night, via the landscape installation can give another life to an already impressive location.

The landscape concept driven from that surrounding of the mountains, gave the lighting the perfect platform to explore these natural nocturnal experiences of the open-air spaces in the Bergamo old town.

From Gardenia Magazine: ‘Daily city life leaves us with less time to go back home and relax during our busy working schedule. We all think of a nice outdoor spot when the weather is pleasant, and we would like to enjoy our lunch break or to meet friends after work before moving to appreciate the evening. Urban squares have always been lively spaces of social interaction, especially when they offer green spaces and beautiful furniture that makes them ideal for a relaxing rest. This is the theme behind ‘Mirroring Landscape’, an interactive space in Piazza Mascheroni, conceptualized by the designers Sarah Eberle and Anna Sbokou in occasion of Green Square… The passer-by/visitor/dweller is encouraged to enter and pause in the square, to observe the green hills staged by Sarah and the moonlight effect will suggest paths along the different areas of the square. A pleasant, soft and almost theatrical environment that in its nocturnal vision strengthen the integration between the existing architecture and the landscape…’

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