Mirai means “future” in Japanese, as nature oriented and sustainable solutions are the mandatory approach for the future.

Mirai is intended as a workplace or retail lighting in open areas and solves two fundamental needs in contemporary workspace design: it brings light and nature at once.

Mirai hosts hi-performance optics inside the slick bamboo tube with cork ends which are 100% natural and recyclable. The recessed narrow angle LED spotlights allow for visual comfort through control over light spill and screen glare. Mirai is certified as Safety Class 1 for use in high-rise office buildings.

Mirai is subtle, elegant, non-expensive, versatile and playful, futuristic and traditional at the same time. It’s an extremely simple idea with complex sustainability benefits.

In Asian cultures, because of its rapid growth, bamboo is the symbol of prosperity and success.

Mirai is a cylindrical luminaire made of natural bamboo trunk accomplished with particular attention to detail and finishes. This sleek luminaire is exclusive, designed for premium lighting of offices, meeting-rooms, HORECA and other design projects.

It is available in standard length of 1400 mm and it has embedded, in its lower part, an optic system that provides the “dark light” concept equipped with the latest LED technologies.

• Mirai Non-DALI: the standard version
• Mirai DALI: with DALI controls for illumination adjustments

• CRI 80 as standard
• Color temperatures: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
• Long rated life: L90/B10@50.000h
• Luminaire efficiency 126 lm/W@4000K
• Dimmable

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