The project is located in Xinzhuang Town, Shanghai. It is a landmark building with a height of about 20 meters and a total of 32 floors. This renovation coincides with the 10th anniversary of the completion of the building. The client hopes the lighting effect after renovation will rejuvenate the entire project to the future. In response to special needs for this renovation, the lighting uses parametric design language with futuristic sense, combined with the structure and characteristics of commercial and office buildings, presenting an overall trend from sporadic to convergent. It is predicting the future commercial prospect of this project will be well developed through continuous exploration.

Budget control is also a big challenge in this renovation. In the early stage of lighting design, through the analysis and research of building curtain wall textures, according to the division of the building facade, considering the partition of the curtain wall and window frame, it was decided to choose all standard-length fixtures, which can save the cost of customized length of fixtures.
After analyzing the different perspectives of the surroundings, it was decided to reduce the impact on the neighboring blocks, mainly for the longer distance roads and elevated perspectives. In the end, low-precision segmented linear lights are used on the main facade, and they are randomly arranged in a trend, forming a top-down density gradient. Viewed from a longer distance, the lighting effects are rich and varied. At the square box protruding from the top side building facade, high-precision segmented linear lights are installed, which can express more delicate animation and text effects. While optimizing the cost, it fully expresses the beauty of the architecture at night, and at the same time leaves certain conditions for the operation and maintenance, and the display of advertising information.

In order to enhance the richness of the lighting effect at night, expressing the concept of “from sporadic to convergent”, a number of dynamic lighting modes are set at night, such as sporadic blink, flowing from top to bottom, gradual change from less to more, gradual blink speed, etc. Each effect is customized for special digital lighting effect. Under the condition of minimizing the number of the lighting fixtures, it achieves a dynamic effect that is delicate and rich which fits the overall design concept.

In addition, the high-precision display linear lights at the top side building, in order to meet the propaganda needs of operation and maintenance, some effects with actual content or propaganda information have been made, such as MH (Minhang) and 10 (10th anniversary) switching, KAIDE (Capital) letters Switch, countdown, date number, etc. Regardless of whether the high-precision linear lights on the side displays publicity information, the presentation of this part is very consistent with the main facade, and the overall effect is displayed in linkage. In short, the digital lighting method and customized dynamic effects make the night image of this building a distance from the common media facade design, which is fresh and refined, just right, and quite futuristic.

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