Metropolia is a large-scale project of residential complex in Moscow. The main task was to populate postindustrial area with natural elements and create a special space for children with art objects designed by our artist.

Territory of the complex is densely planted with birches as the leading plant, red-leaved maples, columnar elms and poplars. Throughout the year, the colors of Russian nature change along with its seasons: plants bloom and then wither. And in this project, variability of seasons is an advantage as the scenery is constantly changing.

The playground with playful art objects was designed exclusively for the Metropolia project. Altogether ten art objects were created on the basis of artist drawings. As for functionality, the area turned out to be diverse and interesting for children of all ages.

Illumination of Metropolia territory was dictated by decisions made during landscaping stage and creates special evening atmosphere and makes the environment feel more comfortable and attractive for families.

The main functional decision in lighting design was placing torchers next to the birches in green tubs with an even rounded lighting distribution. Because of the cylindrical space illumination residents of the complex can comfortably walk along the path over-viewing the greenery.

Also the team designed intriguing lighting of unconventional fence along the territory of the complex. There are a lot of functional zones next to the fence: playground, sports ground, amphitheater, swings, hammock and cozy benches with greenery. We used compact low-strength projectors, shaping the light distribution to be functional and decorative. Accent lighting outlines the vertical plane of the fence and creates a rhythm, emphasizing artistic graphics. This lighting choice makes perimeter of the complex look more spacious giving the environment depth attracting attention.

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