The new 83-room premium hotel was built in a fabulous landscape in Sárvár, on a 3.7-hectare area next to a stunning lake. The five-star Melea Health Concept Hotel offers a unique concept, providing a matrix of personalized health and spa services.

BE LIGHT! collaborated closely with interior designers as a lighting designer and supplier of the lighting system in the project, whose concept is based on the client’s envisioned health-conscious and nature-inspired harmony. Our team supplied the entire decorative and general lighting of the hotel. Throughout the public areas, an automated Helvar control system programmed by our team operates, ensuring perfect illumination in the building by considering the times of day and the characteristics of the interiors.

Upon entering the lobby, general lighting is provided by discreet spots recessed between the wall slats, as well as the illuminated textured side wall. The unique light installation above the reception and the custom made, suspended luminaires skillfully replacing the space divider. The selection of the color temperature of light sources played a significant role in ensuring that the lighting in the interior is in harmony with the earthy tones inspired by nature and even creates contrast where needed.

In addition to discreet spots, the lighting of the corridors is complemented by decorative lamps, accent, and wall-washing lighting in several places, creating a special atmosphere along the path leading to the rooms.

In the rooms, it was a primary consideration to complement the warm light spots and decorative lamps, so the unique design lamp dreamed up in the interior design concept of the lobby returns here as well.

Additional Design:

Investor: Unione Sárvár | Contractor: Market | Electrical designer: LightUp | Electrical contractor: VILL-KORR Hungária | Custom luminaires: LumoConcept

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