Mega-Swings are the part of Salut playground at Gorky Park in the center of Moscow.
Mega-swings consist of 43 meters wide ellipse, columns with height from 2.8 to 5.8 meters, and 29 different swings.

The playground is opened 24 hours and has 3 color-changing scenarios during the dark time: cold colors for hot summer nights, warm colors for cold weather, and RGB scenario called Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain based on additive RGB color mixing, so visitors can see how to make white light from red, green and blue, and play with their color shadows.

Every scenario is interactive. Light changes not only in time. Gamma, saturation and speed of color changing depends on visitors activity via presence and swing angle detection.

The more swings are occupied, the slower is color-changing. When every swing is occupied, the color-changing almost stops. If there are many free swings, people are invited to get closer with the help of the light. When the visitor approaches the swing, the white light turns on above it.
While two people are swinging in time on the paired swing, the gamma of light is raising to encourage the visitors cooperation. If the amplitude is too high, the light turns red.

There are 196 pcs. of IntiTOP RGBW floodlights made by IntiLED, Russia. All fixtures are powered by 24V and recessed in swings body.

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