Construction works of this former City Hall of the city of Middelburg started in the year 1452 and were completed in the year 1520 in a late-gothic style. At that time Middelburg was prospering well, thanks to the Copenhagen Peace Treaty of 1441. For more than 560 years this building has been an iconic landmark in the Netherlands. Today it houses the University College Roosevelt, an American Liberal Arts and Sciences College with a vibrant academic community and a buzzing student life.

The City Counsel of Middelburg had a plan to develop the attractiveness of the city by illuminating a number of medieval buildings situated in the centre or at the end of radians in the street plan. It would make visiting day tourists stay longer. This plan was supported strongly by the local entrepreneurs association, contributing to make this plan possible. The City Hall is the first of a total of five medieval buildings to be illuminated in a new way, enriching city life in a new way after sunset. Either there was no architectural illumination at all, or the existing one had to be replaced with a new design, as was the case with this City Hall.

Illumination of a medieval building should not add something new to the building, we think. It should rather emphasize the beauty of the existing architecture; evoking a deep respect for the original design and craftsmanship of more than five centuries ago. The first of five city jewels to create. This was leading our inspiration for the design.

We were looking for a true three-dimensional appearance. Illumination from a distant source is inappropriate then. Quite a large number of led in-ground spots were used instead: 47 in total with a mix of various lenses, lumen output. Properly located, hinder to passing people nearby could be avoided. Over 100 other led spots and 40 meter led strip completed the design. The colour temperatures used are 2700K and 3000K.

The city of Middelburg and its civilians are proud over to have this enlightening project in their city.

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