The MaxiDOT Nano from MaxiLED is a modified version of the popular MaxiDOT specified on projects in South Africa, the Middle East and Far East. Initially designed specifically to suit the needs of a project – the stunning geometric façade of the University of Western Australia – it is now set to become a firm favourite in the MaxiLED portfolio, available for any client and direct view application to benefit from.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, MaxiDOT Nano offers the same benefits as the rest of the MaxiDOT family – IP68 dynamic DMX individual addressable fixtures, but in a more compact and smaller fixture. Its dimensions are 60mm diameter, 50mm depth and just 0.4kg in weight, which highlight its small footprint, that packs a punch.

As demonstrated by its success for the EZONE project, 120 bespoke units were supplied via our local partner Light Projects who coordinated the installation on site. MaxiDOT Nano is the perfect solution for a multitude of building fasciae. It delivers direct viewing, not only for marker light applications but also for low resolution screen and matrix systems.

Manufactured from the aircraft quality CNC machined spun aluminium the MaxiDOT incorporates MaxiLED’s patented 2 wire data over power technology. This provides full DMX 512 control via the two power wires, making it simple to install, while delivering the highest levels of cost efficiency. With individual addressing for each fixture allowing dynamic lighting scenes to be generated by an inhouse DMX controller.

Its quality is further demonstrated by its IP68 rating making it resistant to dust, dirt, sand, and water, ensuring the MaxiDOT Nano can be used in even the most arduous of environments from -20C to +50C. In addition, its IK10 rating ensures it is impact resistant, so should it be knocked or bumped, no damage will be sustained.

To ensure the MaxiDOT Nano meets the aesthetics of any project, it is available in a range of finishes; silver, black, black anodised, silver anodised, and RAL powder coat. A single strand of MaxiDOT Nano can run as long as 330ft (100m), making it a flexible solution for even the biggest of installations.

Also available is the 180º version of the MaxiDOT Nano. This includes a built-in dome to enable a 180 Degree viewing angle.

MaxiLED technology is currently patented for the UK, USA, Germany and France, so it really is a unique technology.

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